A triathlon journey



I like my food and occasionally I bring out my domestic goddess and get baking. I have mentioned a few of the things I made on various social media and been asked for recipes. So here is a slowly growing collection of yummy treats to enjoy At Home or On the Go.

A warning in advance: I don’t subscribe to a particular diet. I believe that as long as it is in moderation, the occasional fry-up won’t kill you. The operative words being moderation and occasional. So some of the recipes may not be super-healthy, but I like them. They all contain ‘proper’ food ingredients, meaning non-processed, which in my book is the main thing. I will try and flag special diets like glutenfree or paleo or vegan.

On the Go

Power Balls (gf)
Rice cakes

At home

Banana-Pumpkin Breakfast Bread
Cinnamon Quinoa Bake (gf)
Vegan and gluten free Peanutbutter Cookies (vea, gf)


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