This morning I came across a Facebook post that made me shiver, cringe and feel very sad. There was a woman looking for advice on a decent sports bra after she found that her combination of 2 normal (!) bras and a Lonsdale gym bra started to chafe a bit as she increased running distance.

It baffles me, that something so obvious as getting a properly fitting and supportive sports bra seems not to be so obvious. I hate the thought that women are put off of sport because of something like an illfitting sports bra. After venting my frustration and sadness on Twitter, I had an insightful conversation with @madame_la_bean who it turns out knows a thing or two about bra fitting, which then inspired a blog post with some rather useful advice. So without further ado, have a read and: Look after your boobs, will ya!

Iron Bean

Right. Time for a sensible and hopefully helpful post. Fellas, this one isn’t for you. Unless you have boobs. Or like boobs. In fact no. It’s not for you.

After a chat with Christine Bertram over on The Twitter, I feel compelled to write about the benefits of having a properly fitted sports bra.

Some of you who know me personally (lucky you) will know what my day job is. For those that don’t, when I’m not out pounding pavements or being killed by my bike, I am a buyer for a department store. I cover 9 product groups but my very favourite, my “baby” is my lingerie department. I first trained as a fitter in 2003. I’ve been working with it since.

One of the things I see frequently other than women in poorly fitted bras, is women in poorly fitted sports bras or no sports bra at all…

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