How is your 2015 coming along so far? Have you made new years resolutions like start running, walk more, do yoga, start meditating, strengthen my core but struggle to keep up after the first few days?
There’s an easy solution to counter act that motivation slump after the initial action phase: join a supportive network of people who have committed to the same goal.


Get1Active aim to help people every where to get more active, walk more, run more, do something physically active and their network of people spans the whole globe. To help you get 2015 off to a flying start they are offering the #twentydaysof… challenge.
It’s easy, straightforward and free!

Got to their Facebook page, pick a challenge you fancy doing (running, walking, skipping, yoga, Pilates, meditation, burpees, push-ups…), comment ‘I’m in’ on your chosen challenge and then set to work. Challenge captains and the Get1Active team will provide guidance and motivation to help you through the 20 days.


Personally, I’ve decided to do two challenges: yoga and meditation. Yoga because I found that I’m really, really stiff and inflexible, no matter what I’m trying to tell myself. Meditation because I’ve found that it helps me calm my mind and thus sleep better, but I’ve lapsed in the whole stress with moving when it would’ve been most beneficial. I’m also the ‘captain’ for the #twentydaysofmeditation, so why not join me?