Here’s an excerpt from a piece from Siri Lindley (Mirinda Carfrae’s coach and former pro triathlete herself) on achieving and working towards excellence. The whole piece actually rang true on many levels for me. It doesn’t just apply to achieving excellence in sport, but to achieving excellence in other areas of life as well.

Here’s the bit I like best:

In the pursuit of excellence, all the tools you need are within yourself. Sometimes it is necessary to find a guide, like Brett [Sutton] was for me, to show you how to find the tools and how to use them. Once you realize that it all lies within you, you take responsibility for everything. Then it comes down to doing everything you can the very best that you can and with all your focus, energy and commitment.

If you do this, as Brett [Sutton] would say, ”success becomes inevitable.”

Buying the fastest bike, or the latest “fast” running shoe, training with the top swimmer, cyclist , or runner in town, or surrounding yourself with people who will tell you how awesome you are, all the time, will not get you the results you dream of.

Throw all those things away and look inside yourself. Face your fears, take that giant leap into the unknown and push yourself beyond your limits. Find new limits by doing this, and realize that your new limits aren’t even limits. You can always go further, you can always get faster, stronger, fitter, it is only the mind that puts out the red light. Don’t let your fears become the boundaries to your success. Believe in yourself, and believe in the motto that sounds corny but speaks so true, “no pain, no gain”, you must break through old barriers to reach new heights, and only your fear of the pain you will have to endure will hold you back from doing so. So, if you want to be the best that you can be, do it right.