This week I’ve had a flurry of exciting news, that also impact on my competition schedule. Following Dave Cornthwait’s advice to #sayyesmore I responded to a tweet asking for advice, got more active in the online running community, and was just plain lucky. Where did that get me? Well, it helped Get 1 Active, I’m part of #TeamRed and will swim the river Thames.


Get 1 Active
Get 1 Active is a campaign that aims to help more people start to go out there and lead a more active lifestyle. A couple of weeks back, they asked for people’s number 1 tipps to get out and be active. A whole host of world class athletes responded with great bits of advice, including me. It was a great surprise when they asked me if they could use my contribution. Click here to read what advice people had on getting active.


Spitfire Scramble
The Spitfire Scramble is a new 24-hour race taking place on 30th August at Hornchurch Country Park. Just over a week ago, the #UKRunChat community was looking to put together 2 teams, red and blue, to go head to head at the race. UK Run Chat is a community of runners who share advice, support each other and celebrate achievements whether you are a novice or experienced runner. I’ve only recently discovered them, but it has been great. So all I needed to do, was pick a side (I chose red) and let the Twitter world know, then trust my luck. It was a massive surprise when my name appeared alongside 7 others, just after I had returned from an 18km trail run. I’m very excited now, as this will give me a first taste of 24-hr racing before tackling the Equinox 24 in a team of 3.


Marlow Swim
A couple of weeks back, I won a place through Be Inspired at the Brownlee Tri South. Be Inspired aims to get people involved in volunteering, sport and community activities and many of the Games Makers from the Olympics are part of the Be Inspired community. Through their monthly newsletter, you receive information about getting involved, but also regular offers as well as competitions for places in sought after sports events. Event organisers Human Race offered 50 places to the Be Inspired community of which the Marlow Swim is one. I feel very fortunate to have been selected for a place and have decided to swim the longest distance to follow up on my 3.8km sea swim at the Long Course Weekend next week.

Long Course Weekend medals ©LCW

So, the coming weeks will be jam packed with races, training, volunteering at the Commonwealth Games, and generally saying YES more. Why don’t you?