A Photo-Run. Have you ever done one? Photo-Runs are great when you go to a new place and do not know much about the place. They’re also great to rediscover places you have long known, and therefore you are not seeing how special your place is. Ever encountered where a friend goes off to explore your town and comes back and shows you pictures of your town and it makes you see something you thought ordinary in a new way? Yes, exactly that.

Photo-Runs are also great when you are going through a rough patch with your running because they give you the opportunity to stop and smell the roses. Quite literally.

I’ve had a horrendous run yesterday and just really needed to level off. The weather was glorious today and I visited a friend who lives reasonably close to the Thames Barrier. Now, while I am not much of an engineer myself, I am fascinated by human engineering feats like bridges, the Falkirk Wheel, sky scrapers like the Shard or the Thames Barrier.
So what better way to indulge in a couple of my passions at the same time: running, engineering feats and snapping pictures. Here you go then, my impressions from my photo-run to the Thames Barrier.