When I saw the Primal Fusion jacket on Stolen Goat, I fell in love. I freely admit, I am a big fan of high-viz (I am very much a child of the 80s), but the high-viz stuff can be quite garish, or high-viz is used quite sparingly, so you’re not so highly visible anymore. Not so with the Fusion jacket.

The Look?

It looks stylish, with a generous sprinkling of fluo yellow and reflective details, without being in your face and screaming construction works.

Primal Fusion jacket

What’s more, the reflective details are actually quite clever. There are two broad reflector strips on the left arm, and reflective print dotted over the jacket. The really cool bit are the contrast seams. They’re underlaid with reflective material, so that you’re gaining 360° visibility. Real cool and real clever, because you don’t notice at first glance. So a big thumbs up in the looks department.


How about the functionality? The jacket has a lovely, fleecy and soft inside so it feels comfortable on the skin, whether you’re wearing a base layer or not. I haven’t worn it yet on the bike, but I have taken it out on a run when gale force winds were blowing, which made the temperature feel like -2C. The Fusion jacket did a brilliant job keeping me nice and warm during my run despite the wind. I have absolutely no doubt, it will be brilliant on the bike as well. On the back, it has 3 easy to access pockets. To test, I put my keys in one of them. There was no jingling to be heard and no annoying bouncing about. The grippers around the hip seam kept it all securely in place. The long zip on the front works flawlessly and can be operated with one hand. So thumbs up on the functionality side.

Fitwise, the jacket is brilliant, too. I usually wear a women’s size M and based on the size chart, selected a men’s size S. And it fits me perfectly. The arms are just the right length. It’s snug but not constricting and with enough room to wear a base layer or longsleeves jersey underneath (if it gets really, really cold).


The Verdict

At £88, it offers excellent value for money due to its insulating qualities and the excellent visibility. You’ll get lots of wear out of it, because it can be worn well into spring with a light base layer underneath and throughout winter with a warmer base layer if required.

Overall, the Primal Fusion jacket is an ace piece of kit that I wouldn’t want to miss from my closet anymore.