I live on the Sunshine Coast. That’s East Sussex for the uninitiated, Eastbourne more specifically. However, the sun doesn’t always shine on the Sunshine Coast and yesterday was a perfect example.

I went to the Eastbourne ParkRun and it was quite fresh and cloudy. It held on for my run, but as soon as I crossed the finishline, the drops started to come down and within minutes it looked like this.


Yes, that’s hale. Pea size ice balls that pelted from the sky and tormented the runners that were still out there. Not one of them gave up though, not even the little kid who handed over his bar code drenched to the bone and shivering. That’s what tough cookies they are.

However, as the weather is unpredictable, today was the most glorious day with bright blue skies and hardly any wind. How could I not run? On Sundays, I swim in the morning so my run had to wait. It was 4 pm when I headed out and the sun had just started to set. Going up to the cliffs I had to stop and savour the view. It always surprises me, how beautiful the coast can be.


While I was on the Downs it got dark rather quickly. I really wished I had a headtorch to light my way.

We rely on gadgets quite a lot, mostly for safety reasons (nothing wrong with that and I strongly encourage to look after your safety). While out in the dark I was hoping my body would do the right thing. I felt uneasy, almost vulnerable and definitely anxious. What would happen if I stumbled, twisted my ankle?  Today made me realise just how easy it is to get out of touch with your senses. To trust your senses and your body. Your body is a marvelous thing! Trust it!

I would encourage you to go out and experience it yourself, even just walking. Pay attention to how it makes you feel and how your body adjusts. You may be quite surprised.