london2013_logoThe most exciting day of this year is nearly upon us: Sunday, 15 September, 2013. The day of the World Age Group Championships in London’s Hyde Park in the Olympic Distance (1500m swim, 40 km cycle, 10 km run). After a tumultuous journey and a lot of hoping and praying, I made Team GB after finishing 11th at the National Championships in Liverpool. A dream come true! Almost every GB age grouper dreamt of racing on the Olympic course! In each age group only 27 made it.

The experience of racing in a potentially packed Hyde Park and through the streets of London will be absolutely amazing and at this point I expect to be a tearful heap when crossing the finish line, it will be THAT emotional.

The World Final will start on Wednesday with the Aquathon and continue through Sunday with races taking place every day and World titles being raced for at AG and Elite level. All races are FREE to view. So please come along!

A full schedule of events can be found here:

Here are the details for my race:

DATE: Sunday, 15 September 2013


START TIME: 10.20 am


Just search my name or start number add to favourites and track online or have it posted to your facebook profile.


 Location: The  Serpentine/ Hyde Park

Spot my MAKO Extreme wetsuit
Spot my MAKO Extreme wetsuit

It is going to be a wetsuit swim, so watch out for the MAKO logo (there won’t be many around).

You can spot the blue bubbles on my legs and there’s a yellow triangle on my back. The little shark head on the front should also be spottable. On my arm it says in bold letters EXTREME and there are some blue stripes on my inner arms.

All going well, my MAKO wetsuit will help me push my swim time to somewhere around 25 min.


After the swim we will head out of Hyde Park to cover part of the Olympic bike route and then make our way down to Tower Bridge. In the Olympic Distance, we will cover the bike route twice. Below is a map of where the bike route passes by (apologies it’s not the clearest of maps, it’s the one the athletes got): essentially the route goes from Hyde Park through Wellington Arch, past Buckingham Palace, Birdcage Walk, Westminster, Whitehall, down to Embankment, along Embankment to the Tower, turn around, back, to Trafalgar Square, down the Mall and back to Hyde Park and that x2.

Course map for bike route. Click the image for a bigger version

It’s possibly easiest to spot my bike along the course (mainly white, with red and black Kuota Kharma) or keep an eye out for my name on the GB trisuit and the big Natural Hero logo. Here’s an approximation what I will look like:

Old GB suit. Look for the one on the right.
Old GB suit. Look for the one on the right.


Look out for this.
Look out for this.

All going well, each 20km lap will take me about 35min, meaning that I’ll be at Tower Bridge for the first time hopefully just after 11.00 am and then again about 11.40. At Trafalgar Square about 10min after that (11.20 and 11.50).



The run consists of 3 laps around the Serpentine on the Olympic run course. I’ll probably look something like this. But with the big Natural Hero logo on the front (you should be able to see that from miles out).



Most likely I will also be wearing RED Sigvaris calf guards (got to keep it colour coordinated, I’m a girl after all) and a pair of very green and orangeSaucony shoes (though I’ll have white laces).

All being well, I will start my run at about 12.00 and each 3.3km lap around the Serpentine will take about 13-15 min. Getting me to the finish line in front of the Grand Stand around 12.40-12.45 (ish). Ideally, I’d finish with a time of about 2hrs 20 min, but there are a lot of Ifs. We’ll see.

All that’s left at this point is to say THANK YOU to all the wonderful people who have helped me through their support to get to this race:

Natural Hero, Sigvaris Sport UK, Mako Sport, CycleTech Eastbourne (keeps my bike in shape), all my friends for their kind words and encouragement, and most of all my family, who have made it to every international race I’ve raced over the past 2 years, but sadly can’t make it to this one.

Hope to see you along the course!

Download a PDF of this file to take along to the race: Race Guide