Just as I posted this, and e-mail came through informing me the event was postponed due to a waterlogged course.  I am a bit gutted, but at the same time, I am also quite glad. This tickly cough I’ve been struggling with all week has now  developed into a proper cough and racing would not have been advised. The new date for the qualifier is now 2nd March 2013.




After some tyre wrestling (the Conti’s are a bit stiff for scrawny girl arms) I’ve got my little bike race ready for this weekend’s ETU Sprint Duathlon qualifier at Althorp. Tyre changing is still something I struggle with, but as with everything: Practice makes perfect.

With the new race tyres on, I’m hoping to put in a good performance and qualify. The turbo sessions have been going well so far and roller riding has been good. If my health holds up, I should be fine. I’ve got a time in mind, but we’ll see. I’m quite looking forward to it. First proper races are always exciting!