Achieving something you've never done is the best feeling
Achieving something you’ve never done is the best feeling

I went to the pool this morning, expecting the usual tough swim set that the Saturday morning swims with the Stirling Triathlon Club offers up. And boy was I in for a treat. The bells should have rung when there was no swim set on the board to start with. From my limited knowledge, John usually writes the sets on the board. Today, the board was empty. So I paddled through my warm-up and the 50s build set, with that feeling in my tummy. You know that feeling when there’s something on the horizon, something ominous.

After that warm-up, it stared in my face the swim set, part 1:

16 x 50 as 25 (Fly-back, back-breast, breast-crawl, crawl-fly)

My jaw dropped and my first reaction was: I can’t do this! I have never done fly before and even so, I’m a wimpy kid and not strong shouldered at all. The next thing that went through my mind were images from the beginnings of learning how to do front crawl. Splashing wildly with arms and legs with no particular coordination. And my heart dropped.

But it also gave me strength, because I learned how to do front crawl and today, by my own  measure of success, I’m good (though nowhere near proper good). I went from hapless and uncoordinated, to passable – so why would there be any reason I could not do this set and manage the fly part of it. And so I set off.

Truth be told, it was a lot of hapless splashing about. But I persevered and finished the set. My arms were coming off towards the end of every length, but that hardly mattered. It also didn’t matter that it took me ages to complete a length and that I swallowed half the pool, could hardly breathe and that what should be dolphin kick was an uncoordinated splattering of legs all over the place – no dolphin like elegance there. 

Today was another lesson in what you can achieve if you just give it a go. It may not be perfect and frankly, who cares. But to work up the guts to get over yourself and say “Let’s do this!” and give it your best shot – THAT COUNTS! 

Now go, be brave – try something new! Make it count, for you!